Monday, August 31, 2009

Devirginized Blogger

Today will be my "official first entry" to my blog. Look forward to entries dealing with what I am baking, what to buy, how to stay entertained, art, books, music, fashion and people. Then after that's complete, I will narrow it down. . .

Tomorrow I head to Las Vegas to take a look at some new fashion at The Capsule show. I purchased my plane ticket 50% off. I was able to do this via my Alaska Airlines Mile Program where I had lots of miles from when I worked. I have done my research on Las Vegas and for the Unemployed Baker there is some places to save some coin. More about the trip later this week.

Unemployed Survival Tip #1: Oatmeal. Buy it in bulk. I have seen oatmeal from anywhere from $0.69- $0.89 a lb. I found if you mix the oatmeal with water at the beginning of cooking, it makes the oatmeal a smoother eat. Also, don't forget a dash of salt and some Costco Raisins at the start. Adding the raisins in the beginning makes the raisins softer as they plumb up from the water. If you are Oatmeal newbie, you can play around with the amount of water you add. Normally it's 1 Part Oatmeal to 2 parts water. I always add a little bit more water because I enjoy my oatmeal a little mushier. After it cooks add some brown sugar and chop up some almonds, mix in some milk and you got some breakfast. If you are watching the wasteline, a good tip is to substitute sugar free pancake syrup for the brown sugar. Lastly, just eat the oatmeal from the pan you cooked it in: thus saving a bowl to wash. I will have some pictures of my finished product later.

Splurge #1: Coffee. I purchase enough coffee to last a week. I am close to a natural food store which every week has bulk coffee on sale every week. Though I could purchase the huge bag at Costco, I thought if I trim back purchasing coffee from stands, I could treat myself to some tasty joe every morning. I sometimes mix coffee beans together to give myself larger palette of flavor. Then I drown the harshness in CoffeeMate.

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