Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog it - Photographer -Yvan Rodic

Try this blog out. On average I read about 100 blogs a day. I am getting better where I am limiting my blog reading to 2 hours a day. But I do get to see what is coming out in trends way early. Now I need to transfer that knowledge into a job!

Photo blogs are gaining some interest on my part. During this time period, many people are picking up a camera, snapping a picture and saving to the hard drive. Wasn't it only a couple years back where we would bring our film to a drug or super store to have the film developed?

Yvan Rodic's photo blog is kind of cool. He used to work at Cool Hunter ( where I first dropped in on Yvan's blog ), now he is snapping pictures around the world. He mixes snaps of the beautiful people, street scenes mingled with architecture shots. A look at the wizard, behind the curtain, pictures of party scenes. Some are hot: passionate, dripping with humid optimism and 4ply sexiness. The fashion of the pictures are worthy to take note of. Take a refreshing dip into the pictures and you will view a mix of high fashion with street fashion.

Seriously, check these pictures out. Look at the clothes the subjects are in. Colors, textures, what are popping out at you? Take some of what you see and incorporate in your style tomorrow. Take a picture of it and post it somewhere. Send them to me and I will post the pictures. I will start it. Tonight I am going out for Happy Hour and will snap some pictures in the "Yvan Spirit". Have fun with it, slip into something dangerous.

I need a camera.

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